Digestive massage that makes you feel comfortable

3 min readMar 22, 2021

Food digested in the stomach is absorbed by the intestine and travels to the liver through the portal vein. It is purified by the liver into useful nutrients to feed the organs of the whole body, and then spreads back to the body through the blood. However, if digestion and absorption in the stomach and intestine is not well done, the stomach becomes uncomfortable due to acute or chronic body, and depending on the person, symptoms such as headache, frustrating or bloated stomach, heartburn, facial paleness, and cold hands and feet may occur. In addition, if the liver or pancreas does not function properly, digestive enzymes become insufficient, and the power to filter impurities is weakened, leading to symptoms of pseudo food poisoning in some cases.

At this time, a massage that facilitates blood circulation in the intestines helps digestion and absorption and helps relieve symptoms. Let’s try the massage below as she recalls her memories of her mother touching her belly in a circular circle when she was a child when she had a stomachache. During 3 to 5 repetitions, you may feel your symptoms relieve gradually.

  1. From the tip of the myeongchi to the belly button, sweep the area with the muscles on both sides of the stomach from the top to the bottom, looking for a particularly uncomfortable part.
  2. Find the uncomfortable part by sweeping from the tip of the myeongchi to the sides of the ribs.
  3. Draw a small circle around the navel and a large circle all over the belly, sweeping clockwise to find the uncomfortable part.
    Movements 1 to 3 have the effect of searching for a painful area as well as calming the inside.
  4. With the palms of both hands folded, it is flexible on the road from the top to the bottom of the stomach.
    TIP. Yoo-Yeon Noh: A massage procedure that massages in the shape of a rowing paddle.
  5. Knead and fall with the tips of both fingers overlapping from the tip of the myeongchi to the sides of the ribs along the bottom of the ribs.
  6. Draw a small circle around the navel and a large circle all over the stomach, rubbing and dropping with the ends of the overlapping fingers.
    Movements from 4 to 6 are effective in helping normalize intestinal function.
  7. TIP. When performing treatments 4–6 times, it is recommended to increase or decrease the number and intensity of treatments for uncomfortable areas. Press less if it hurts a lot, press more if you feel cool when pressed
  8. Massage and press between the spine joints and both muscle ridges.
    This action has the effect of stimulating the reflex activity of the intestines.

Massage from Joksam-ri to between the third and fourth foot spines.
Actions 8 to 9 facilitate blood circulation and promote digestion by communicating gihyeol between the colon and the gastric meridians.

TIP. Joksamri: A concave part located about 5cm below the place where the shinbone under the knee protrudes outward.




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